As today’s world is continuously being modernized and dominated by technology, the internet also keeps on proving itself as a steady source of information, communication, and entertainment. This is exactly why some people have finally forgone their local TV satellite channels and have opted for direct TV satellite systems. Now if you’re one of the people who ask “how can I watch local TV on my computer?”, then you should keep reading and find out.

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One way of watching local TV on your computer is through the use of a PC TV tuner. PC TV tuners are connected to the computer, and then the cable or antenna television source is also connected to the device just like you would connect to any typical TV. These devices they enable you to watch TV shows from your PC, but they also enable you to record shows you like for future playback without paying a monthly subscription fee, and they also allow you to hook up your VCR and save home movies to your hard drive, and then back them up to DVD if you’ve got a burner.

Another piece of device that you may use in order to watch local TV on your computer is the digital cable box. Digital cable boxes work by allowing the streaming of raw data from the box to your computer’s hard drive via FireWire. The main advantage of this method of getting television on to your computer is that the signal may be of the highest quality and look superb on screen and in recordings.

Generally, there are two ways by which a person can watch free live TV on his or her computer. The first method is installing hardware. This involves what has been discussed earlier – installing PC TV tuners or digital cable boxes. With the help of PCTV cards, which are installed on the motherboard of the computer, satellite signals are decoded and received. A USB port can be used to connect the external cards. Make sure, though, that the installation requirements are met by your computer.

The second method is installing software. This option is so much simpler because you just have to run the installation execution file. By installing the software onto your PC, you can start tuning to different worldwide channels within minutes.

So the next time you ask yourself “how can I watch local TV on my computer”, you must think of two things – hardware and software – and choose between the two options which suits your needs better.

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